Payment Network



ALQO, ‘A Liquid Object'. Focusing on creating a liquid digital asset ecosystem powered by its proprietary blockchain, FALQON. With FALQON, ALQO aims to ultimately compete with high throughput centralized payment networks like VISA, MasterCard, through the implementation of a decentralized node network. Upcoming releases PayinX and Bitfineon, a crypto-to-fiat merchant gateway and crypto-and-fiat exchange respectively, will be the first products released to support the ecosystem.



solves the problem of crypto-to-fiat settlement and the underlying issue of crypto price volatility. Due to the nascent status of crypto as a payment medium, volatility is rampant with coins and tokens that may make good payment candidates but that fluctuate too wildly to attract merchants for payment processing of goods and services. PayinX enables merchants to instantly settle crypto payments to their stablecoin or fiat currency of choice, solving the issue of volatility for crypto as payment.



Bitfineon is a next generation crypto-and-fiat exchange focused on providing an uncanny user interface and customer experience while trading your favorite crypto. Plans to offer OTC, margin and leverage trading, Auctions (an industry first product), and more, will be a centerpiece in the ALQO ecosystem. Additionally, Bitfineon will make use of a revenue sharing program called the “sharepool”.

The sharepool will allow holders of the ALQO coin to stake their holdings for predetermined lengths of time to earn up to 50% of the eligible trading fees generated on Bitfineon.