Ameer Ashhab



I'm a graduate UI Designer with a degree in Interaction Design. I have frontend experience that is focused on building & creating innovative & functional online solutions. Websites & Applications need to look visually stunning & modern to draw In potential customers and clients for your business. For the past few years I have been focusing on obtaining my degree in Interaction Design and working with small to medium sized businesses to help them achieve the best of the best online presences.


During my freetime I resort to playing video games such as Rocket League, Cloudpunk, and involve myself with other devices such as the Oculus Quest. VR Gaming is a great way to release any feeling of stress that is within myself. Most importantly, to me, I like to explore my profession further by working on personal projects that include design and development to push myself further. Exploring work on Behance and Dribbble is an excellent way to get my creative juices flowing.


Evolution comes with new experiences, excitement, and solving digital problems with innovative solutions. As a Designer, I want to invent and build unique online products. It's a matter of thinking beyond the rules and principles that have been invented. Change comes with discomfort and a lack of stability for a temporary period of time. Upon adaption, these problems are eradicated, and therefore this information can be utilized to expand on human behaviour.


From people I worked with & for


Case study


Alqo is an upcoming organization involved with the crypto market and payment networks. I have been contacted to design and develop the landing page. A unique approach has been taken rather than your traditional crypto based website. Live version: here

Case study


Curiosity has produced this creative result. Navigation placement has a strong infleuce on design and layout. By putting navigation in the middle, you can clearly see how the overall structure has been affected. Key pages have been linked in the middle, while the children have been placed in the sidebar.

Case study (soon)


ESX is a Esports stock exchange startup. I have provided design and Frontend Development services for the client, the idea was to provide a design that is sports-like but also professional at the same time. Live demo: here

Case study (soon)
stardust market

Stardust Market

Designed the UI of a blockchain based platform that offers trading of game items. Stardust enables game developers to increase their revenue and improve their game's player experience. Developers can tap into the Stardust Platform's revenue sharing secondary marketplace and game explorer all through their API and blockchain infrastructure.

Case study (soon)
stardust market

Drone Delivery

An application that I have designed dedicated to delivering foods and other products using Drones. I chose to design this as a personal project because I believe Drones are the future of delivery, they will be widespread. Using maximum 5 colors, I went ahead with a futuristic theme. This app is from the perspective of a delivery provider.

Case study (soon)
stardust market

Sales Dashboard

This is a sales dashboard that I was hired to design by a startup. They required a creative approach to analysing the reports of sales and products. A innovative approach has been taken to deliver a unique product that they can use in their system.

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